Connie Melton Named District Secondary Teacher of the Year

Connie Melton Named Magnolia ISD's District Secondary Teacher of the YearMelton has devoted her teaching career to the students in Magnolia ISD for 17 years beginning as a substitute teacher and moving into English Language Arts where she taught for 15 years before moving into special education at Lyon Elementary in 2017. In 2019 she moved to Magnolia Junior High where she has served as a special education case manager, co-teacher for U.S. History and Texas History, and the teacher of record for Special Education Reading Strategies.

“Being appreciated on that level, made me feel like I’m having an impact,” said Melton.

In her short time at Magnolia Junior High, she has witnessed a cultural shift in the student body that better supports the students in special education. She began the year with an initiative to create a club for eighth-grade U.S. History special education students, Sons, and Daughters of Liberty” to further support not only the students but also her co-teacher, Mrs. Kirkland. Connie Melton Named District's Secondary Teacher of the Year

“The Sons and Daughters of Liberty Club has established a sense of belonging for my special education students, and others,” said Melton. “Because the concept of an academic membership denotes something reputable and inclusive, the camaraderie among all of the students has changed.”

This club provides special education students weekly tutoring to reinforce concepts and to help students with homework and projects. As the year progressed, Melton began introducing concepts before Mrs. Kirkland would teach them so that her instruction would be the second time students encountered the material. 

“I noticed my students’ work began to improve, and with that their morale in class,” said Melton. “My special education students began to raise their hands with less hesitation and now my students possess the confidence to participate in class.”

Melton finds it important to emanate overarching ideas and thematic units that invite both meaningful student consideration and comprehensive conversation. In each of her lessons, she provides a broad range of informational texts on social issues and allows students to derive their own conclusions while implementing classroom conversation. 

“Connecting students to the realities of all members of their community inspires empathy and conceivably future community enrichment.”


Check out her video highlight here.