Science Fair Winners Announced

Students displayed their science projects at the Magnolia Event Center this past Saturday and the hypotheses were endless. Students competed in the following categories: Behavior/Social Science, Biochemistry/Microbiology, Medicine/Health, Animal Science, Chemistry, Energy/Transportation, Engineering, Physics/Astronomy, Environmental Science, and Plant Science.
Congratulations to all of the students who placed.
Behavior/Social Science
1st Place: Elizabeth LaBorde - The MJH Crazy Car Rider Line
2nd Place: Andrew Oldham - Do Video Games Rot Your Brain?
3rd Place: Bailey Cooper - Does Font Affect Memory?
1st Place: Julia Morton - Hand Sanitizer! Can You Lend Yourself a Hand and Make Your Own?
2nd Place: Caden Fellers - Bacteria Among Us
1st Place: Aiden Slansky - Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth
2nd Place: Jace Cecil - Caffeine and Your Heart Rate
3rd Place: Diego Barrera-Roman - Liquids and Teeth: Is What You're Eating Staining Your Teeth?
Animal Science
1st Place: Abby Darragh - What's Your Color
2nd Place: Reagan Whitehead - How Fat is That Cat?
1st Place: Lauren Beuershausen - Fresher Apples
2nd Place: Kane Ellis - The Density Effect of Water in Polyurethane Foam
3rd Place: Duncan McCumber - Does Shaking a Polaroid Picture Help it Develop Faster?
1st Place: Hailey Christopherson - The Best Water Bottle
2nd Place: Sophie Strutton - Do Dimples Determine Distance?
3rd Place: Evan Johnson - What Blocks a WiFi Signal?
1st Place: Eduan Strydom - Fins on a Rocket
2nd Place: Amelia Rivera - Electrical
3rd Place: Rylan Benignus - The Effect of Temperature of Instruments
Environmental Science
1st Place: Megan Schmidt - Worming Our Way Out of Pollution
Plant Science
2nd Place: Danica Beveridge - The Greenhouse Rock