Magnolia ISD Special Services Hosted a Challenge Day

Over 200 students across all grade levels participated in the Special Services Track and Field Challenge Day hosted at Magnolia West High School. Students competed in field events such as balance and agility; frisbee; javelin throw; soccer kick; long jump; basketball; 50-meter run and 50-meter hurdles; and more. The Opening Ceremonies included a presentation of schools, pledges to the American and Texas flags, the singing of the National Anthem, and torch running, all by Special Services students. Visit our Facebook page for a full photo album.

With the help of student volunteers from Magnolia West and Magnolia High Schools, Magnolia Junior High PALS program, and Bear Branch Junior High, the event allowed students who receive services through the Magnolia ISD ABLE and Life Skills programs to demonstrate their mobility, dexterity, communication and teamwork skills. 

Special thanks to HEB Magnolia for providing water bottles for the event.